We Will Gather Again — PURVEYR 2022 Calendar
We Will Gather Again — PURVEYR 2022 Calendar

We Will Gather Again — PURVEYR 2022 Calendar

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The start of a new year marks a new beginning—a fresh slate, a blank page. This season is usually the time when we get together with our family, catch up with friends, and go to events and gatherings.

But the past 21 months have taken that luxury away from all of us. For us in PURVEYR, that meant indefinitely postponing our events. One of those is Pursuit Fair, our bi-annual chance to gather thousands of creatives—from artists, brand owners, musicians, photographers, skaters, designers, and more—under one roof. It was a stellar display of community and coming together that now feels nostalgic.

2022 is fast approaching, and with it marks our second New Year’s celebration amidst the pandemic. Things are starting to get better again, and although it will take a bit more time for normalcy to get back, the future doesn’t seem as bleak as it was. Our community will get together again.

This yearning for togetherness is what inspired our PURVEYR 2022 calendar. We aim to manifest the coming of brighter and better days—to the time when we can meet various individuals, listen to good music, appreciate local products, and converse and be with good company again—not just on our screens.

In collaboration with 55 local artists, the PURVEYR 2022 calendar showcases the diversity, talent, and strength of the community through the gathering of individuals. We asked each artist to submit an avatar of themselves or a character that represents their community.

Each artist gave their own take and worked according to their own style. We pieced them together to visually encapsulate the diversity and at the same time the feeling of togetherness. As we all yearn for that day to arrive, let’s welcome 2022 the best way we can. Let the PURVEYR 2022 calendar be a reminder of what’s waiting for all of us—soon enough.

The calendar includes works from Soleil Ignacio, Tokwa Peñaflorida, Doktor Karayom, KITA, Kobusher, Tyang Karyel, Jethro Olba, Quatro Hapimeel, Jappy Agoncillo, Kiko Escora, Neonsplitz, Boypatalim, Wreccs Cestina, Chano, EXLD, Arman Kendrick, Mark Barretto, Trip63, Bayawak, Betsy Cola, Chi Gibbs, JP Pining, Blic, Jill Arteche, Raxenne Maniquiz, Frank, Siamese Rat, Nevs, Donsuki, Anina Rubio, Anna Bautista, TRNZ, Distort Monsters, Jellyfish Kisses, Garapata, darlingkink, Wham, Bvdot, Lari Gazmen, Dan Matutina, Tita Keks, Apok, Nemo, Marx Fidel, Hulyen, Melvin Rodas, Raisehell, Goathe, Boy Agimat, Bastinuod, Cinos, Hey Mady!, SYN, Auggie Fontanilla, and Tarantadong Kalbo.

The 2022 PURVEYR calendar is available starting today, December 21, 2021. You may order it here, or get one free for every P1,500 spend (calendar orders not included in total) from the shop. The size of the calendar is 17 x 22 inches. And all proceeds from the sales of the PURVEYR 2022 Calendar will be donated to the communities affected by super typhoon Odette. 

The yearly PURVEYR Calendar is an iteration of the traditional calendar that was once omnipresent in Philippine households and shops. The traditional calendar commonly features a business name, address, contact number, and other business details printed at the top part of the calendar. And it is usually distributed by different local businesses as marketing giveaways for their customers.